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PVC Profile Extrusion & PVC Plastic Fabrication

ISO Certified Profile Extruders using ISO 9001:2008


Many buyers of custom profile extrusions will ask about ISO but some will admit they aren’t well versed in what it really means. In simple terms, ISO 9000 standards are designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the products they produce and sell. The standards are published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Each country has a recognized national standards body that makes the 30 pages of ISO 9001:2008 requirements available to companies who seek certification. ISO itself doesn’t certify companies; there are certification bodies that handle the auditing of organizations and issue the compliance certificates.


When a custom profile extrusion company is audited for this certification, the auditor examines extensive samples of the functions, products, services, and extrusion processes of the company. The custom extruder is required to maintain documented procedures in the control of documents and records, internal audits, control of nonconforming products/services, corrective action, and preventive action. The company also has to supply documentation on any other procedures required to effectively operate, as well as a quality policy and a Quality Manual. As you can imagine, Hundreds of hours are required by the extrusion company seeking certification to develop all of this material, and hundreds more to implement these procedures. It is not an endeavor that can be taken lightly. It requires a significant commitment by the custom extrusion firm; resources – dollars and labor — to obtain certification.


The audit of a profile extrusion facility can take weeks or months depending on the size of the organization. Upon completion, the auditor will notify management of findings. In ISO terms these are referred to as observations and nonconformities. The auditor provides a report that states the finding, whether it was minor or major and what section of the ISO document the finding is violating. Your response must be submitted within 30 days and include the root cause, proposed corrective action and implementation timeline.


You may still be thinking, “What does this really mean for my customers? How does my business’ certification impact the quality of product I ship?” The big picture answer is that quality management should help drive operations. You should regularly audit your quality system for conformance and effectiveness based on all the data you record. When you develop new products for clients, test at each stage and document if the product is meeting design requirements, regulatory requirements, and customer needs. All of these efforts are designed to ensure delivering a quality product to customers. If there ever is a problem with a product, however, have a system in place for addressing the problem. For example, document where your resin comes from and where it gets used. If there ever were a problem with a finished product you can trace it to the source.


The combination of external audits by the national standards body and internal audits by your staff (who have been trained to administer the audits) is how to ensure you maintain your ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Typical questions from an extrusion facility auditor:


• Tell me what you do – that is, describe a particular business process


• Show me where it says that you do this (we’d show you our procedure manuals)


• Prove that you did what you claim to have done (provide evidence in our documentation).


The extruder must continually test to ensure the quality system is working to the approved standards, and incorporate continuous improvements. There is always room for improvement.


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Lincoln Plastics

Experts in Extrusion Molding

Lincoln Plastics is dedicated to manufacturing high quality plastic extrusion profiles, providing timely deliveries and creating an atmosphere of continuous improvements where all employees strive to keep both internal and external customers satisfied.


Custom Extrusion
Plant & Process

Modern 25, 000 square foot facility optimized for manufacturability and secondary operations

plant processing profile extrusion2.5” and 3.5” Extruders
0.5” – 13” flat extrusions
0.5” – 13” round extrusions

Secondary Operations

Tape application
Bending, Shaping
Threading, internal & external


Plastic Extrusion Materials

We have the ability to run any resin to meet your specifications and currently inventory:

extrusionPolyethylene (s)
Ridged PVC
Flexible PVC


Combination Fittings

Floor Duct Combination Fittings

Combination fittings can be used as a ‘junction box’ to provide changes in direction for floor duct sections.

  • Fits all sizes of Lincoln Plastics Flexiduct


SAFCORD secures electrical cords to looped carpet.

The ‘hook and loop’ method replaces tape to fasten cords to low profile carpet. SAFCORD provides the lowest possible profile as it keeps cords in place. Scuffling feet and vacuums will not budge SAFCORD!

Layflat Power Extensions

Extension cord and cord cover combined into one unit!

  • Safe – Made of flexible PVC moisture resistant materials and heavy duty 16 gauge cord. Rated at 13 amp, 125 volt.
  • Durable – Withstands heavy foot traffic
  • Attractive – Multiple color options and lengths available
  • Easy Installation – ready to use, grounded AC duplex receptacles


Effectively routes LARGE or MULTIPLE power cords and hoses

  • Reduce Hazards
  • Protect valuable cords and equipment
  • Perfect for heavy foot traffic and industrial settings

Cord Covers/Bulk Floor Duct

Effectively routes LARGE or MULTIPLE power cords and hoses

A cord and cable routing necessity! Arrange desks, furniture and equipment to maximize workplace productivity while eliminating cord hazards. Individually packaged in 6′ pre-split lengths.

  • Tapered profile lies flat
  • Clean, attractive design
  • Handles heavy foot traffic
  • Permanent colors will not fade
  • Easy installation

Center Pivot Irrigation Accessories

Superior Quality Pivot Products

  • Top quality plastic materials
  • Clean threading and matched fit
  • Super strong UV inhibitors for long life
  • Designed for corrosive conditions and severe weather
  • All production and secondary operations completed in-house
  • Rigorous testing and quality standards

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