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A New Multi-Channel Gravimetric Batch Compounder is Weighing Up to be the Biggest Innovation in Plastics Auxiliary Machinery and Raw Material Flow Management

Batch Uniformity

In typical plastics manufacturing, as the mixed batch is released from the gravimetric batch blender and conveyed via the delivery tube to the corresponding injection machine, it is assumed that the components of the batch are significantly blended when they enter the processing machine. However, this assumption doesn’t take into account that as the batch is vacuumed from the gravimetric blender, the materials will separate according to their specific weight, and the batch will no longer be sufficiently mixed.

The plastics auxiliary equipment manufacturer solves this problem, and achieves superior batch uniformity by placing a mixer within the free fall hopper connected to the inlet of each processing machine. Regardless of tube distance or vacuum pressure, the batch enters the injection machine thoroughly mixed.

Production Speed & Batch Accuracy

Gravimetric blenders weigh batch components in a serial order. Each component is dispensed separately into a single, common weighing chamber, from which they are all subsequently dropped into a mixing chamber before being vacuumed to their respective injection line. This method of serial weighing limits the speed with which a blender can release a batch. In addition, there is the down-time for bin cleaning and contamination prevention when changing components between jobs.

The new batch compounder improves production plastics job management speed by dedicating a weighing chamber for each individual bin; thereby weighing in parallel all of the batch components. In addition to the enhanced weighing speed, the new raw material processing system enables the use of significantly smaller load cells; thereby affording higher batch accuracy with a relatively high throughput.

Program Monitoring

By utilizing this advanced plastics batch compounder, factory managers now have access to continuously updated information concerning equipment and material efficiency. As all of the raw materials flow through a common system, the plastics auxiliary equipment manufacturer affords factory managers full monitoring of job status, and provides batch auditing, historic graphs and performance reports for each machine and job via an interactive PC dashboard.

Overall, the plastics compounding system allows factories to run a much leaner and efficient operation by reducing the need for capital equipment and simplifying the flow of raw materials. Man hours which used to be spent on batch preparations are dramatically reduced, while additional factory space is now used for other revenue generating activities.

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