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Masterbatch Compounding White Paper on Multi-Channel Gravimetric Blenders, Sponsored by LIAD

In such a case, 3 gravimetric masterbatch compounding systems containing 42 weighing channels can be integrated together. The 3 systems are raised on a platform, such that the funnel for each individual system releases the weighed material into a second common funnel utilized by all 3 systems. The complete batch is then sent to an extruder via a single automatic manifold.

Mixing and compounding masterbatchesWhen considering the possibility of 3 automated masterbatch compounders, the total required floor space is only 15 sqm.
The multi-channel masterbatch compounder is the ideal solution for masterbatch producers working with mono-masterbatch granules, as well as large plastics producers seeking a dependable solution for reducing inventory, logistics and overhead costs.
Some of the benefits companies could recognize by adapting this approach include enhanced production capabilities, reduction in masterbatch costs, a reduction in inventory, reduction in labor costs, just in time management optimization, building up a proprietary batch library, and enhanced quality control among different factories.
Enhanced Production Capabilities
The advanced plastics compounding blender creates over 10,000 unique masterbatch shades and recipes via a combination of up to 14 base mono-masterbatch granules and virgins.
Reduction in Masterbatch Costs
By requiring only mono-masterbatch granules, compounders and factories can order large quantities of primary color granules from any supplier, gaining on both quantities of scale and greater competition.
Inventory Reduction
The masterbatch compounding machine reduces inventory and logistics costs by slashing required in-house stock from thousands of shades, to no more than 14.
Labor Reduction
The simultaneous multi-channel blender removes the need for human intervention during mono-masterbatch granule mixing.
Just in Time Management
The multi-channel, simultaneous weighing and masterbatch compounding system allows factories to produce new masterbatch shades on an as-needed basis.
Batch Library
Factories can easily create new color shades for the first time by combining mono-masterbatch granules, and even create their own library of unique masterbatch shades.

Further potential benefits to such a machine is the ability for companies compounding masterbatch to create and deliver small quantities of masterbatch shades for clients on an ad-hoc, on the fly basis. This capability may be the differentiator for plastics manufacturers when choosing a masterbatch supplier, giving the user of such a system a large competitive advantage.

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