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Excess Packaging & Processing Assets of BrucePac

Auction Dates: Mon. 12/12/2016 11:00am (CST) – Thrs. 12/15/2016 11:00am (CST)
Auctioneer: New Mill Capital
Auction Location: Durant, Oklahoma USA 74701 (Map/Directions)
Auction Type: Online
Inspection/Preview: By Appointment Only
Auction Link

Featured Items:

  • 2009 Rollstock Vaccum Packager with 15’ Work Area x 17” Wide, Top Mounted Thermco Gas Mixer, Arm Mounted E300 Operator Controller Polygraph Canister, S/N 109552006
  • 2006 CFS Tiromat 680 Rollstock Vacuum Packager, 40’ Stainless Steel Horizontal Vacuum Packager with 25’ Work Area x 19” Wide, Arm Mounted Color Touch Screen Operator Controller, Registration, Greydon 4-Head Printer Coder, Top Mounted Thermco Gas Mixer, Stainless Steel Scrap Canister, Busch Model RA030 S/N U080200130 Vacuum Pump Mounted on Stainless Steel Stand.
  • Multivac Model 5200 Rollstock Vacuum Packager with Gas Flushing Capabilities, Digital and Analog Controls, Approximate 10 Ft. Work Area, Stainless Steel Scrap Canister, Busch Model RA0400 Vacuum Pump (Vac Pump S/N C1411)
  • (2) Serpa Model 2090ML Semi Automatic Hot Glue Horizontal Cartoners with Plexiglas Safety Guards, 5’. Work Area, Wire Mesh Safety Guards, Side Discharge, 2005 & 1999
  • CES 35’ Stainless Steel Nitrogen Freeze Tunnel, 40” Width, Stainless Belting, (12) Stainless Steel Wash Down Blowers, Square Tubr Construction, Top Mounted Electrical Enclosure, Operator Controls.
  • Vemag Robot 500 Stainless Steel Vacuum Stuffer, with Stainless Steel Hood and Guillotine Attachment, Vemag Model PC870 Digital Operator Controller
  • Grote Slicer, Stainless Steel Horizontal Band Slicer with Reciprocating Head, 39” Wide Tube Stand