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The Plastics Industry Association (Plastics), Washington, and 11 partner associations delivered a letter to Capitol Hill April 11, 2018, calling on the House majority and minority leaders to develop and advance an infrastructure investment package to address the United States’ need for better recycling efforts and innovation. Plastics says the letter cites recent decisions—ultimately, disruptors to U.S. recycling programs—by China to reduce or end the import of scrap material from other nations, coupled with the loss of valuable feedstock for American manufacturing when material that isn’t recycled ends up in landfills.

The signatories represent public and private sector associations and organizations:

American Chemistry Council;
Association of Plastic Recyclers;
Carpet America Recovery Effort;
Flexible Packaging Association;
Foodservice Packaging Institute;
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries;
National Waste & Recycling Association;
PAC Packaging Consortium;
Solid Waste Association of North America; and
The Recycling Partnership.

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