Injection molding machine manufacturer Absolute Haitian (Worcester, MA) is exhibiting this week at PLAST-EX, part of the Advanced Design & Manufacturing event in Toronto, where it had some news to share about a sale a few miles south. It announced the installation of nine Haitian and Zhafir machines at the recently opened facility of Tulip Molded Plastics Corp. in Niagara Falls, NY. The 82,500-square-foot production facility replaces the company’s 125,000-square-foot plant built in 1904. Tulip performs injection molding and engineered resin production.

Along with a new power system, auxiliary equipment, chiller, material handling system and central air compressor, Tulip installed four 731-ton Jupiter JUII 6500 two-platen injection molding machines; four 360-ton Mars MAII 3200 servo-hydraulic machines; and one 44-ton Zeres ZE 400 all-electric molding machine. (On the PLAST-EX show floor, Absolute Haitian displayed a ZE 900 machine.)

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